Our Charlie Brown Tree

We lost our Bartlett Pear tree in a recent storm. I knew something was going to happen to that tree.  Every time I looked at it over those last few months I had been getting a feeling that we wouldn’t have it much longer.  I always hate it when my bad feelings come true! I was really hoping it would last until we moved (whenever that might be).



I had a love/hate relationship with that tree.  I loved the shade it provided in the spring and summer, especially since the sun beats down on the front of the house in the late afternoon.  I hated that it covered up the front of the house.  I’m really going to miss that shade come April or May, but I think I like the curb appeal better with it gone.  Like I said, it was a love/hate relationship.


The tree fell on my big burning bush on the far left.  I thought it had completely taken it out, but it only took off one branch, and, of course, all the beautiful red leaves.  Hopefully, it will still survive and be bushy and green come spring.

Since we definitely want some shade in the front, we went in search of a new tree to plant.  We quickly realized that a new tree just wasn’t going to be in the budget, so Brian got a little creative.  He talked to a friend, grabbed a shovel, and we headed out to dig one up.


Sarah did not have a problem keeping herself busy while the boys did the digging.

IMGP9970editedShe created a beautiful bouquet of something (not sure what). She thought it was the most beautiful floral arrangement ever created and that’s all that matter.


Daniel looks like he is praying over the job ahead.  Lord, please bless this tree and help us not to kill it.  (When it comes to keeping plants alive, I need all the prayer I can get!)


Instead of cutting down a Christmas tree, we dug up a red oak.  Brian discovered why people pay for trees already dug up. 🙂


It’s a little scrawny and no longer has the last three leaves that were clinging on as best they could.


But hopefully with a little faith, water, and sunshine our little Charlie Brown tree will grow up strong and hearty, eventually….

Living thru faith,