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Pink Out 2016

It’s October and that means it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Most families these days have been affected in some way by breast cancer and our family is one of them.  Breast cancer has impacted our family with both my grandmother and my sister-in-law’s father.   Sadly, Windy lost his fight against this disease.

Sarah decided she wanted to participate in the October Pink Out again this year.


While Sarah enjoys having the pink hair, I try to make her understand the main purpose is to help support breast cancer awareness.  All the proceeds from our hair salon’s Pink Out will go to help financially support a local woman currently fighting the battle against breast cancer.

Each year Sarah participates in honor of her great-grandmother and adds Nan to the tree with all the other names of those honored or remembered.


While we can’t understand why some have to go through the battle of cancer or why some win that battle on this side of heaven and others are healed in heaven itself, we can never stop praying for cures and healing, fighting through the battle, and supporting those walking such a difficult journey.

Living thru faith,



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The Shoe Invasion of Summer 2016

There is an invisible force in my house that draws all boys’ shoes to the end of my dining table.


These vortexes seem to invade my house mainly during the summer.

Matt comes home in the summer…

Could there be a connection?


This summer’s pull was especially strong!

My dining room table was invaded everyday, multiple times a day, whether they were home or not.

Just when I when I got rid of them…they appeared again…and again.

But, did it stop at the dining table?

Oh, no! There appear to be small vortexes that pull their shoes to other places, too.



Those last three pictures I took in a span of less than 30 seconds!

Somehow, the vortexes never pull them into their bedroom, much less into their closet or, heaven forbid, onto the shoe rack I only bought because one son in particular assured me he would use it.

But we all know a mom does not go down without a fight.

Next summer, I will have a battle plan!

Next summer Mom will win!

Living thru faith,


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A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom

Well, yesterday was Day 5 of homeschooling.

I never expected to have all the kinks out of our routine this soon…

which is why it was a good thing I have low expectations!

Day 5:

4:15 – dog wakes me up to go outside, tell him to get back in the bed.

5:00 – dog wakes me up again to go outside, tell him get back in the bed!

5:35 – dog wakes me up again to go outside, drag his butt back to bed!

7:15 – drag myself out of bed and into the shower

7:30 – call doctor for an appointment to take Sarah in because she now has large blisters coming out of her mosquito bites (Didn’t take pictures.  You’re welcome!)

7:55 – fix Sarah’s bowl of cereal, tell her the plan for the day, start a load of dark clothes, and find out that the dog pooped inside because I didn’t let him out (first time ever!)

8:05 – drop Brian off at work late because – see all the above

8:15 – get groceries at Walmart (so that I can actually prepare supper) with a stop at Sonic on the way home because there is no way I’m finishing this day without caffeine.

8:50 – unload groceries, send Sarah to get dressed because she is still nursing her cereal and watching tv, make my own breakfast

9:00 – receive text from Daniel – he has a headache and needs medicine (he’s only been at school 15 minutes!)

9:05 – eat breakfast in the car on the way to school and then discover that the emergency break is not working, again.

9:25 – driving home and call Brian to let him know that I am calling it a day, going back to bed, and trying again tomorrow.

If only…

9:40 – spend 45 minutes on school work, collect a few things for Sarah to work on while we are gone, then head out by 10:30.

11:00 – Sarah’s appointment – leave with 2 antibiotic prescriptions and a sore arm from a flu shot

11:30 – Pick up Chick-fil-a because when you get a shot you just need you some Gospel Chicken.

So between noon and 2:30, I drove the 20 minutes back home, picked up Brian for lunch, ate lunch, prepared Tater Tot casserole for supper, did more school work, gave Sarah her assignments for the rest of the school day & went back to Walmart to drop off Sarah’s prescription.

2:45 – finished school work with Sarah and I don’t remember what else I did…

3:15 – left to go sit in the school parking lot to pick up Daniel

3:40 – left school to go to Walmart to pick up prescription

4:15 – take Daniel to his eye exam

6:00 – get home, finish supper, watch Big Hero 6 with the whole family (funny movie – needed that), walk the dog

8:00 – tell Sarah to start getting ready for bed…

can’t find her pj’s

her stomach is now hurting (which means no oral antibiotic)

her bites need ointment applied

and now Tiny, the dearly beloved stuffed puppy, is missing…

On a positive note, the emergency break decided to start working again! 🙂

On today’s agenda:

Call the doctor’s office to see if Tiny spent the night.

Scour the house looking for Tiny.

Send Matt to find a replacement Tiny.

Living thru faith,


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Our Day of Firsts

Last Wednesday wasn’t just the first day of school!

It was Daniel’s first day of his last year of high school!


We’ve come a long way from this first day of kindergarten and fourth grade…

(in so many ways!)

First Day of School 2004 004edited

{insert momma tears here}

It was also Sarah’s first day of homeschooling!


In her words “It was fantastic!”

We started off the day with prayer and Bible time, worked on some math, began learning about Vikings, and spent a whole hour breaking for lunch while we visited with Daddy.

We even found some time to stand on our head…

and where else should we do grammar but under the table…

It’s just how we roll!


The next morning Daddy had a special surprise for us to celebrate a successful first day.

We love Daddy!


Here’s to a great school year for all the kiddos!


Living thru faith,


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The Heart of the Matter

Every year, especially during football season, my kids will ask me why I am not rooting for a certain player or team.  And I usually get a few eye rolls when I tell them it is because of their character.  How they play the game means more to me than their stats.  How they treat their opponent or the officials, how they respond to a bad call or botched play, how they walk off the field shows me a glimpse of their true character.  It shows me a glimpse of their heart.

I’m not looking at their outward appearance.  I’m not looking at the color of their skin, the tattoos on their arms, or the jersey they wear.  I’m looking at their heart.  I’m looking at their heart because my kids are looking at the person running those plays, making those choices, and setting examples whether they own up to it or not.  I’m looking at their heart because it is my job to help form the hearts of my kids.

One part of helping to form the hearts of my kids is to teach them to look past what someone looks like on the outside and to look at the person on the inside.  In light of recent events, that means teaching them that…

Just because someone is black doesn’t make them a criminal.

Just because someone is white doesn’t make them a racist.

Just because someone wears a uniform doesn’t make them a bad cop.

Just because someone goes to church doesn’t make them a Christian.

As parents it is our job to help our kids learn to make decisions and judgments on their own.  It is our job to teach our kids what to look at and consider when making those judgments.  It is our job to give our kids the tools they need to make those decisions.

We all have kids in our lives whether they are ours or not that look to us for examples on living life.  We even have kids we don’t know watching us.  The kid down the aisle in the grocery store is watching and listening.  They are watching how you react to the person blocking the aisle or listening to the words you are saying over the phone.  Even if you aren’t paying attention, they are.

So, do you want to make a difference in this world today?

Do you want to do something to counter act the evil like we’ve seen lately?

Then let’s get to the heart of the matter.

And while we are at it, let’s teach our kids how to get there too.

Living thru faith,


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Oh the Places They Will Go…

This summer has been a summer of college visits as both of the boys are looking toward the future.

Matt graduates will graduate in February with a marketing major and finance minor.  Daniel will graduate high school in May.  (It’s going to be a busy year!)

Daniel is thinking of teaching either early childhood education or high school English.  He is great with kids and he is also very creative, so we will see what he ends up settling into.

He, of course, had a tour of Louisiana Tech.



I have to say we were very impressed with their Education Program. They are doing some great training and mentoring programs that are moving beyond the traditional student teaching requirements.

I think for him it started off as the obligatory Tech tour (with the majority of our family being Tech alumni, we are kinda biased). However, by the end he was thinking twice about the possibility.

He also toured The University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY.  The campus is the perfect size for Daniel and is absolutely beautiful!  There are only about 1800-2000 on-campus students.  Williamsburg itself is a really small Kentucky town, but it has plenty of fast food restaurants and it’s own Walmart.  What else does a college student need?!


We were disappointed that we were not able to speak with an Education professor during our visit, but we discovered they do not have classes offered on campus during the summer so all the professors are pretty much gone right now.  We were impressed to hear a couple of the students talk about the small class sizes and the interaction between the professors and students.  Our tour guide was an education major and told us about several of her professors coming together and praying with her before she took her Praxis exams (state teaching exams).

We also took Matt & Shelby to Nashville to visit Vanderbilt.  Matt would love to take part in their MBA program.  It’s a 2 year program with an internship during the summer between the two yearly sessions.  Matt has always felt a pull to Nashville, so maybe one day…


Shelby graduates in December from Eastern Kentucky University.  (Like I said, it’s going to be a busy year!) She is planning to get her masters in Marriage & Family Counseling and is looking at a couple of programs as well.

Both Matt & Daniel have a couple other places they are considering, so there are more tours to come!

Living thru faith,



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A Heart Issue

Sin has been with us since Adam and Eve.

A heart filled with jealousy, is what drove Cain to kill Able.

A heart filled with lust is what drove David to commit adultery with Bathsheba.

A heart filled with fear is what drove Peter to deny Jesus three times.

Hearts filled with hate is what drove people to demand the crucifixion of Jesus.

As human beings we have had a heart issue from the beginning of time.

Many times we don’t even realize we have a problem with our heart,

which means occasionally we need our hearts examined.

And just like we need a cardio specialist in order to fix our physical hearts,

we need THE Specialist to fix our spiritual hearts.

Without realizing it our hearts can fill with jealousy and lust and hate and discontentment and anger and self-pity and…. the list can go on and on, we are human after all.

That is why it is so important to take a few moments and truly examine our hearts.

Because sometimes…

we need to undergo heart surgery by

the ultimate heart surgeon.

Is it time to examine your heart?

Are you in need of a little heart surgery?


Living thru faith,