We are fairly new to homeschooling.  It is something that I said I would never do, but I obviously didn’t know that God had different plans.  We began homeschooling Sarah in fourth grade and intend to continue on through high school.  Homeschooling is rewarding, frustrating, frightening, and exhausting, and we love it!

There are many different styles of homeschooling and the hardest part of this job can be finding the style that fits your family and your child.  For us, we have been moving toward a Charlotte Mason style.

“Education is an atmosphere, a disciple, a life.”  Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason believed that a child is a person and we must educate the whole person, not just the mind.  Main aspects of Charlotte Mason teaching are the use of living books, artist and composer studies, short lessons, narration, time outdoors, life skills, habit training, and Biblical teaching.

As I find some great homeschooling resources, I will post links here on this page.

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