It’s Time for a Sign

We have lived in the house just over a year and our doorbell has rung more since spring weather arrived than it ever did last spring…and it is all people trying to sell me something.

No, I do not need a newspaper.  Do you see my son’s collection of the Wall Street Journal piling up in the yard?

No, my lawn will be mowed by the boys I birthed just for that purpose.  It may look like a jungle right now, but winter can’t make up it’s mind and spring is not scheduling it’s days around our schedule of available time.

Really, my home is as smart as it needs to be.  Any smarter and I will no longer be a relevant member of this household.

No, whatever information is in that folder you are carrying is not anything I would be interested in. At. All.

We do not need a new roof, new windows, or our grass sprayed (I’m beginning to like the weeds, thank you.)

And, please, go home and eat supper with your family instead of interrupting ours.

It appears for the first time ever we need a sign.

Enter Pinterest….

So, here are some options.  Hubby says we have to be nice.  Since I just sent the last salesperson packing, I’m not exactly in the mood for nice, so probably should not make a decision in this moment.

I’m thinking there is a lot of truth in this one…

No soliciting sign diy, go sell crazy somewhere else we're all stocked up here "As Good As It Gets" movie

Really, no one likes awkward…

Why I'm NOT building an email list. If you like our blog, you'll get updates. Not 10 emails a week, a newsletter, or sales pitches for things you don't need

Might be a little harsher than we are going for. Although, one more ding dong today and I might change my mind…

Funny Rustic No Soliciting Wood Primitive Porch Sign

One of my favorites…

No soliciting Sign No Solicitation Sign no by WoodWorxDesigns

And this would be my hubby’s option…

No Soliciting Sign No Soliciting Door Sign Do Not Disturb

Boring, but cute and probably more appropriate.  I hate it when he’s right…

Living thru faith,



I’ve Fallen in Love…

with German mortar smear!


Fixer Upper

I watched this week’s episode of Fixer Upper on HGTV with Chip and Joanna Gaines and fell in love!

I mean I always love what they do to each house. (I even liked the mid-century modern one from last season and I don’t like mid-century modern!)

Before and After

German smear is a process where mortar is spread on the bricks then some is brushed off to expose part of the brick underneath.   It’s. So. Cool!!

 It gives the house this old world European look.
Yep, I’m in love and Brian is worried!
(Click here to see what Joanna did with the inside of the house.)
Living thru faith,

Charlie Has Leaves!

Do you remember our Charlie Brown tree Brian dug up and transplanted?


We weren’t sure if it would actually survive, but it did!


We kept watching and waiting… and watching and waiting… and finally Charlie had leaves!


(I named him Charlie.  It just seemed to fit.  Never named a tree before.  Guess it just proves I really am weird!)


Living thru faith,




Dust Ruffle Curtains

I’m so not a seamstress.  Not even close!

I can (usually) sew a straight line, but don’t expect much more than that.

I had been looking for a valance for the kitchen since we moved in a couple of years ago.  However, I couldn’t find anything I really liked and, of course, I didn’t want to spend much at all.  So, when I found a dust ruffle at Goodwill with the right colors for only $2.50, I thought “if I screw it up I’m only out $2.50, if not I’ll have a curtain for only $2.50!”

A dust ruffle already has 3 finished sides and I had expected to use the two longer sides for the kitchen windows, but ended up only using one.  To begin, I used a seam ripper and removed one of the long sides from the center panel.  It took longer than I expected and my hand was feeling a bit cramped, but it wasn’t a difficult task. (I finished separating the rest of the sides and I’m saving those pieces and the center panel to use in later projects I might find to do.)


After I finished removing the side from the center panel, I ironed the panel out smooth.


Then I turned the unfinished side over and sewed a straight hem.


I decided to hang the curtains from clips for a more casual look.  At first I only bought one set of clips, but after getting the curtain up I realized I needed two sets for such a long window.  I found the clips at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $7.99 for a packet of 7.  With the first set I used a 20% off coupon, but I really scored on the second set!  Between the weather and schedules, I didn’t get back to the store for a couple of weeks (which was driving me crazy because I wanted to finish the project!).   But it was so worth the wait!!  There was a promo for 40% off which I didn’t realize till I was checking out and I had another 20% off coupon.  I got those suckers for $2.53!!  Ok, I admit, little things thrill me these days!


The curtain rod we purchased at IKEA awhile back and it’s been hanging up there empty for I don’t remember how long.  It’s been so long that I can’t remember exactly how much we paid, but it was either $6 or $8 (rod, brackets, end caps, everything).  Have I ever mentioned how much I love IKEA?!


So, for less than $20 I ended up with the whole shebang!

Next week, I’m going to tell you about that chandelier hanging there….

Living thru faith,


Our Charlie Brown Tree

We lost our Bartlett Pear tree in a recent storm. I knew something was going to happen to that tree.  Every time I looked at it over those last few months I had been getting a feeling that we wouldn’t have it much longer.  I always hate it when my bad feelings come true! I was really hoping it would last until we moved (whenever that might be).



I had a love/hate relationship with that tree.  I loved the shade it provided in the spring and summer, especially since the sun beats down on the front of the house in the late afternoon.  I hated that it covered up the front of the house.  I’m really going to miss that shade come April or May, but I think I like the curb appeal better with it gone.  Like I said, it was a love/hate relationship.


The tree fell on my big burning bush on the far left.  I thought it had completely taken it out, but it only took off one branch, and, of course, all the beautiful red leaves.  Hopefully, it will still survive and be bushy and green come spring.

Since we definitely want some shade in the front, we went in search of a new tree to plant.  We quickly realized that a new tree just wasn’t going to be in the budget, so Brian got a little creative.  He talked to a friend, grabbed a shovel, and we headed out to dig one up.


Sarah did not have a problem keeping herself busy while the boys did the digging.

IMGP9970editedShe created a beautiful bouquet of something (not sure what). She thought it was the most beautiful floral arrangement ever created and that’s all that matter.


Daniel looks like he is praying over the job ahead.  Lord, please bless this tree and help us not to kill it.  (When it comes to keeping plants alive, I need all the prayer I can get!)


Instead of cutting down a Christmas tree, we dug up a red oak.  Brian discovered why people pay for trees already dug up. 🙂


It’s a little scrawny and no longer has the last three leaves that were clinging on as best they could.


But hopefully with a little faith, water, and sunshine our little Charlie Brown tree will grow up strong and hearty, eventually….

Living thru faith,