I Want To Be That Kind of Tired

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been reading a collection of Shel Silverstein poems with Sarah each evening at bedtime.  Last night I thought I had found MY poem.  The title…   TIRED

I’ve been working so hard you just wouldn’t believe,

And I’m tired!

There’s so little time and so much to achieve,

And I’m tired!

I’ve been lying here holding the grass in its place,

Pressing a leaf with the side of my face,

Tasting the apples to see if they’re sweet,

Counting the toes on a centipede’s feet.

I’ve been memorizing the shape of that cloud,

Warning the robins to not chirp so loud,

Shooing the butterflies off the tomatoes,

Keeping an eye out for floods and tornadoes,

I’ve been supervising the work of the ants

And thinking of pruning the cantaloupe plants,

Timing the sun to see what time it sets,

Calling the fish to swim into my nets,

And I’ve taken twelve thousand and forty-one breaths,

And I’m TIRED!


Oh to be that kind of tired!  🙂


Living thru faith,



Our Unexpected House Guests

We were blessed with a few unexpected house guests as winter gave birth to spring.


Momma Robin made a cozy little home for her three tiny babies under our deck.




Eventually, when we stood underneath we could see their little beaks standing tall and wide waiting for Momma to arrive with their next meal.  Even though she wasn’t there, they trusted she would soon provide the nourishment they needed.


Our little robins also had neighbors! We think there are two babies in this one; however, we are not sure which kind of birds these are since this momma built her little home on the far end and made it harder to see into the nest.

The Robin family has already left us, but their neighbors are hanging out for a little while longer.  One day soon they will also fly away, but we have enjoyed having them for a little while.

Living thru faith,