God Wasn’t Kiddin’

At some point last spring (I think…I’ve lost all sense of time) God told Brian and I both separately that 2016-2017 was going to be a year of preparation.

Boy, was he not kidding!  It started in August and every time I get through one thing I start preparing for something else. This momma is tired!


We decided to start homeschooling Sarah this year.  While it has been fun and interesting and adventuresome and frustrating and confusing and tiring… you get the idea, it has involved a ton of preparation.  The preparation didn’t stop when the school year began.  Oh, no.  I planned out a general schedule for the year and now I try to look ahead three to six weeks depending on the break schedules to plan things more specifically, but even then I am still tweaking each week as life happens along the way.

Some things take longer than I anticipate or life throws us curve balls or curriculum is just not what I thought it would be.  Right now I’m beginning to look at changing the way we do math.  Who knows what that is going to look like next year!  One thing I have learned so far is that homeschool preparation is never complete…


Job (Sorta) Change

Brian’s current position is a one year appointment with it becoming an official position in July 2017.  It was a long discerning process, but Brian finally felt like the Lord was leading him to apply for the “new”position.  Meaning he would stay in his current position with a few changes like full faculty status.  As he prepared the application process, we also had to prepare ourselves for the possibility that we would have to be looking elsewhere since he could be out of a job at the end of June.  That process began in September and finally came to a conclusion at the beginning of December.  Thankfully, Brian gets to keep his job!  But throughout that time, we were also preparing for another life change…



In August, even before we knew the outcome of the job situation, we asked my mom to move in with us in the spring when her lease is up.  With this change in family dynamics comes a change in space.  Our current home is just not set up well for 3 adults, a teenage boy, and an upcoming tween girl.  Not to mention if we were looking at a job change, we would have to be moving in the summer regardless.  So we started preparing our home for sale and ended up putting it on the market right before Thanksgiving.  (That’s a whole other amazing story!)  In addition to preparing for us moving houses, we are also preparing for Mom to make the move from Texas to Kentucky at the end of February.  Details, details, details!

Three Graduations and a Wedding

In the midst of all the other life preparations, we have also been preparing for two college graduations, a high school graduation, and a wedding.  Matt’s fiance, Shelby, graduated with a degree in Family Studies in December, Matt will be graduating with a degree in Marketing and minor in Finance at the end of February, and Daniel will be graduating from high school in May.


Then in June, Matt and Shelby will be tying the knot!  I told my sister-in-law that a week after the wedding I would be in a padded room talking to the Easter bunny.  When I relayed that to my friend Jenny, she said I would have some great looking Easter eggs once I was done!  Awesome, Jenny!


But, wait!  There’s more…

As if that was not enough on our plates, I have been teaching children’s Sunday School at our wonderful little country church (those who really know me, know how out of my comfort zone that really is!), Sarah & I have managed a few field trips this fall, Daniel started a job at Kohl’s, we sold our house and should be closing on the new house in a few weeks, Brian has been teaching & writing a chapter for a collaborative book project, and in May Daniel will be heading on a Senior school trip to New York City!

It’s only by God’s grace that I haven’t completely gone bonkers at this point.  If you don’t see me in July, it’s because I’ve crawled into bed and refused to come out.

More house news to come…eventually…

Living thru faith,





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