A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom

Well, yesterday was Day 5 of homeschooling.

I never expected to have all the kinks out of our routine this soon…

which is why it was a good thing I have low expectations!

Day 5:

4:15 – dog wakes me up to go outside, tell him to get back in the bed.

5:00 – dog wakes me up again to go outside, tell him get back in the bed!

5:35 – dog wakes me up again to go outside, drag his butt back to bed!

7:15 – drag myself out of bed and into the shower

7:30 – call doctor for an appointment to take Sarah in because she now has large blisters coming out of her mosquito bites (Didn’t take pictures.  You’re welcome!)

7:55 – fix Sarah’s bowl of cereal, tell her the plan for the day, start a load of dark clothes, and find out that the dog pooped inside because I didn’t let him out (first time ever!)

8:05 – drop Brian off at work late because – see all the above

8:15 – get groceries at Walmart (so that I can actually prepare supper) with a stop at Sonic on the way home because there is no way I’m finishing this day without caffeine.

8:50 – unload groceries, send Sarah to get dressed because she is still nursing her cereal and watching tv, make my own breakfast

9:00 – receive text from Daniel – he has a headache and needs medicine (he’s only been at school 15 minutes!)

9:05 – eat breakfast in the car on the way to school and then discover that the emergency break is not working, again.

9:25 – driving home and call Brian to let him know that I am calling it a day, going back to bed, and trying again tomorrow.

If only…

9:40 – spend 45 minutes on school work, collect a few things for Sarah to work on while we are gone, then head out by 10:30.

11:00 – Sarah’s appointment – leave with 2 antibiotic prescriptions and a sore arm from a flu shot

11:30 – Pick up Chick-fil-a because when you get a shot you just need you some Gospel Chicken.

So between noon and 2:30, I drove the 20 minutes back home, picked up Brian for lunch, ate lunch, prepared Tater Tot casserole for supper, did more school work, gave Sarah her assignments for the rest of the school day & went back to Walmart to drop off Sarah’s prescription.

2:45 – finished school work with Sarah and I don’t remember what else I did…

3:15 – left to go sit in the school parking lot to pick up Daniel

3:40 – left school to go to Walmart to pick up prescription

4:15 – take Daniel to his eye exam

6:00 – get home, finish supper, watch Big Hero 6 with the whole family (funny movie – needed that), walk the dog

8:00 – tell Sarah to start getting ready for bed…

can’t find her pj’s

her stomach is now hurting (which means no oral antibiotic)

her bites need ointment applied

and now Tiny, the dearly beloved stuffed puppy, is missing…

On a positive note, the emergency break decided to start working again! 🙂

On today’s agenda:

Call the doctor’s office to see if Tiny spent the night.

Scour the house looking for Tiny.

Send Matt to find a replacement Tiny.

Living thru faith,



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