Where Has Common Sense Gone?

Common Sense: 

sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence. (dictionary.com)

plain ordinary good judgement (British dictionary, dictionary.com)

Common sense tells you if you touch your hand to a hot burner, you will burn your hand.

Common sense tells you if you walk in front of a moving car, you will get hit.

Common sense tells you if you spend more money in a month than you have money coming in, you will be in debt.

Common sense tells you if you spend a day at the beach without sunscreen, you will get a sunburn.

Common sense tells you when a man (or woman) has a sexual desire towards children,  they should not be in the direct vicinity of a child in some form of undress.

Common sense tells you when a man has a history of sexual abuse towards women, they should not be knowingly allowed in a position to trap a woman in a place set off from public viewing and help.

Would anyone with an ounce of common sense tell a pedophile they can go into their child’s bedroom?

Would anyone with an ounce of common sense tell a rapist just head on in that locker room where a woman is putting on a bathing suit?

Yesterday, I learned of Target’s new restroom policy.  Because of where we now live, I rarely get an opportunity to shop at Target; however, yesterday I had plans to go there looking for one particular item.  As I’m heading out on my errands I’m processing this new information and wondering “Do I continue to shop there?  Is that a reason not to shop at a particular store?”  Those are questions to continue pondering in this new world we find ourselves living in.  All I can tell you is that yes, I did stop at Target and purchased several items (none of which was why I went in in the first place, but that’s a whole other issue).  However, I did schedule my stops so that I could go to the restroom in a place I felt safe before stopping at Target and I also determined that I would not have made that stop at all if Sarah had been with me.

This is not an acceptance issue.

It is not a religious belief issue.

It is not a political issue.

This is a safety issue.

By allowing men or women to enter any restroom and locker room they choose, you are setting up especially women and children for the increased possibility of ogling, voyeurism, rape, or molestation.

Even without these new policies, vile acts such as these have occurred.  Our nation’s jails are filled with men who have sexually assaulted women, molested children, or been involved in some form of child pornography.  Our jails are also housing women who have raped or molested teen boys or even abused their husbands.

The problem is you cannot monitor who goes into a restroom or their intentions once they get in there.  By making it easier for men, and women, to enter vulnerable areas, we are setting up scenarios for more and more issues to occur.  You are giving a free pass to predators to enter areas that should be somewhat protected. And it has already begun.  The University of Toronto is already having to suspend their neutral gender washroom policy due to voyeurism accusations.  Men accused of holding cell phones over the tops of the stalls recording women as they shower.

As a society we have to stop making decisions on the basis of our hearts and emotions alone.  We have to start balancing those reactions with our heads.

We have to use some common sense.

We have to use some plain ordinary good judgement.

Living thru faith,