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When I Swallowed a Penny

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Yesterday I was going through some of Sarah’s papers sent home from school and found a paper she wrote about when she swallowed a penny.


FYI – I’m not correcting any of the spelling, since this is her story.

When I Swalowed A Penny by Sarah

One night I was lying down on my couch while I was flipping a penny in the air.  Well, I flipped it in the air and I yowned, and it went down my throat!  I started choking and ran to the bathroom and hung over the sink, still choking!  So, my mommy called her friend, Miss Kristina, to ask what to do because we had never gone to the Emergency Room before.

After she got off the phone, we went to the Emergency Room.  When we were there, we had to wait until the Emergency Room doctor could see me.  She was rely nice!  Then, we had to wait some more until one of the rooms were open.

When we got to the room, there was a bed facing a TV.  So, I watched TV until the X-Ray room was open.  When it was, the X-Ray person took an X-Ray of my tummy.  When she looked at it, the penny was in my tummy and I was fine.  So, we went home.  The next day, my nan called.  My mommy had put the story on her blog.  Nan had read the story and got worried.  But after that, it was just fine.

(You can read my version here. 🙂 )

Living thru faith,



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