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Me and Downton Abbey

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Have you ever seen the “fan scene” in Princess Diaries 2?  The part where Mia is making faces behind her fan? (skip forward to :39, unless you just want to watch the whole scene)


This is me watching the last season of Downton Abbey.

One minute I’m smiling because Tom walks into the wedding reception of Mr. and Mrs. Carson and announces that he and Sybi have returned for good.


The next I’m frowning because it just hit me (again) that this is the last season.

Then I’m happy because Daisy finally has good news for Mr. Mason…then I’m sad.

Then I’m happy….then I’m sad…

What am I going to do?!

It’s just not going to be pretty around here next January when I sit down on a Sunday evening and there is no Downton Abbey.


And just so you know…it’s all Brian’s fault! (But I still love you, sweetie!)

He started my infatuation with the Crowley’s and all those precious downstairs staff (ok, Barrow’s is not so precious…).  If he hadn’t insisted on showing me this “new show that’s getting good reviews”, I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in now!


But then I also wouldn’t have been able to cheer on Bates and Anna during their numerous ups and downs or cry my eyes out when Lady Sybil passed away.  Oh, and I would never have gotten to laugh at the Dowager Countess’ numerous one liners.

“At my age, one must ration one’s excitement.”


And last night…his Lordship?!  Oh, my!!

(Don’t worry.  No spoilers.)

I refuse to look at the schedule to see how many episodes are left in this season.

I need to live in denial for just a little while longer.


Living thru faith,



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