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Snowmagedon 2016

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Today marks the 4th snow day for the kiddos! They, of course, are thrilled!  They’ve been out since Wednesday, so it seems even longer with the weekend thrown in there.



I think we got about 10″ here, maybe a little more.  The wind gusts were so strong, it created large snow drifts which made it hard to really measure it.  At one point Daniel measured 8″ in one spot and 18″ in a snow drift.  Any way you measure it, it was a lot of snow for our neck of the woods!



Our neighbor let Brian borrow his “big boy toy” to clear the driveway and Brian had a blast!  Every time I looked out he had a big ole grin on his face! 🙂



Our friend down the street borrowed it and used it for a little more than clearing his driveway!  The piles of snow had to go somewhere, so why not build a sled run in the middle of the cul-de-sac?!



Thankfully, our schools now have what they call Non-Instructional Days, so the kids have snow packets with school work to do at home and we don’t have to add the missed days to the end of the school year.  Last year was the first year to try out the new program and the kids actually got out of school in May instead of June.


So, now the question becomes, will that mound of snow still be there come Spring?

Living thru faith,



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