Just Be Held

I remember when my children were little and had gotten some kind of boo-boo, they would come running to me with arms stretched up wanting to be picked up and held.  They would sit in my lap and cry while I held them.  Soon they would stop crying and wriggle their little bodies back down.  Boo-boo forgotten and ready to tackle the world again.  They just needed to be held for a few minutes to set the world right again.

I also remember holding those little hands while walking in parking lots or through stores.  I held on tightly to keep them safe.  They held on because they knew it was what they were supposed to do; however, there were times I remember those little hands wriggling to get free, but I just held on tighter.  I loved them too much to let go.

So many times we say to just hold on to God.  And there is so much truth in that.  We have to hold on, even when we want to wriggle out of that hold to rush on to something grand and exciting.  But then God holds on tighter because He knows what is better for us.  And just like there were times my children ran off when they knew they were supposed to stay with me, sometimes we let go of that hold of God and run off without Him.  He doesn’t leave us.  We leave him, even when we know we just need to keep holding on.

But then there are those times, when life is unkind and unfair and hurtful.  Those are the times when we need to run to Him with our arms stretched up.  We need to let our Father pick us up, place us in His lap, and let Him just hold us tightly.  Those are the times when we sit and cry until we are ready to wriggle back down and tackle the world.

My family is going through a very sad time right now.  All is not right in our world.  I am walking through this time, holding on tightly to my Father as He guides me through each day.  And then there are those times when I have to climb up and cry and just be held for a little while.  Then I am ready to move forward, tackle the mountains, deal with what is unkind and unfair and filled with hurt while holding on to His hand.  And when it gets too much, I know I can let go of His hand, stretch up my arms, and just be held.

Living thru faith,