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Pumpkin Pickin’

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Last week was Fall Break for the kids, so we made our annual trip to the local orchard for some pumpkin pickin’.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!

We like to go out to the fields to pick one, but this year we just picked from the ones they had already brought in since Brian’s ankle was still healing a bit from when he sprained it last month.

Sarah didn’t care one bit.  She thought it was an adventure anyway!

pumpkinSarah had a blast picking out our pumpkin and looking at all the odd shaped ones.

gourdWe even got to enjoy a hayride before we left with our pumpkins (Sarah had to have her own baby one, too) and the usual necessities of apple cider and apple donuts.  Oh, man!  Those donuts are a little heaven on earth!  They put out large batches of 1/2 dozen containers and they are all gone within minutes.   Yummo!

hayridekidsLiving thru faith,



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