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Shop Much?

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Wednesday was payday, which translates to grocery shopping madness day.

I usually do one big trip to Aldi’s each month.  It’s too far away to do it more than once a month considering we hardly ever go into Lexington anymore.  I also usually make one big trip to Sam’s and then will most likely end up stopping for a few items again later in the month.  And then there is always the pleasant Walmart trip. Not.

So 9am Wednesday morning I put down the back seats in the car, throw in the cloth grocery bags, and off I go to…

Sonic (must have caffeine reinforcements!)

Discount bread store





And home by 1:30

(would have been sooner, but I had to pick Daniel up from school on the way since he had a bad headache)

photo 2-2 copyeditedUnderneath those Walmart bags are cloth bags stuffed with all the Aldi’s goods!

photo 1 copyeditedAnd that doesn’t include the stuff on the floorboards in front of the middle seats.

Can you say TIRED!

And then all that stuff got dumped in my kitchen…


Living thru faith,



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