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In for a penny…

to the ER, that is.

In 20 years of parenting, this was a first.

Sarah was laying on the couch, flipping a penny in the air, yawned, and plop…down it went.

She was choking on it for a while, then her throat was hurting and she was asking to go the emergency room.

So, I figured it was better safe than sorry.

(Of course, Brian was in Cincinnati at a baseball game.  Something always happens when he is away!)

After we got there, I was pretty sure we could have just stayed home…

ERShe had control of the TV remote, got to see the penny in her tummy (which she thought was really cool), and got to stay up past 10pm.  Overall, she had a great night!

(And in typical fashion, I didn’t think to take a picture of the x-ray till we were headed back to the room.)

And, yes, I’ve already heard the comments…

“hope you don’t get short changed”

“that’s going to cost you a pretty penny”

“everything will come out in the end”


Living thru faith,