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Tiny Blessings

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Last night I met a precious little boy.  He went to live with Jesus only having been here six short months, but during that time he touched the lives of his parents and the doctors and nurses with tiny blessings every day.  As his mommy and daddy shared him with us last night, we met a little boy filled with life and joy and a spirit of adventure.  He loved to be on the go and found joy in the journey.  He was born premature and his little internal systems just could not get to working properly, but his little personality shown through and blessed those who were with him every day.

Even though I do not his parents well (she works with Brian), as a mother my heart breaks for them.  My tears continue to flow this morning, but peace still fills my soul and I pray that peace will envelop them today and in the days ahead.  We can not understand why God only blessed us with this little one for such a short time.  We can only count the tiny blessings He gives us every day and trust Him to hold us up when we cannot stand on our own.

Look for your tiny blessings today and thank God for each one.

Living thru faith,


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