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“Daddy, how do our prayers reach God?”

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9:30 at night after a long day of teaching United Methodist Polity (Discipline) to a classroom full of brain-overloaded seminary students is not the time you want to be hit with a loaded question from an 8 year old, even if you are a theologian.

The brain is not quite firing all cylinders, the fog is settling in, and the recliner is calling.

I was in the living room listening to Brian try to fumble his way through the fog to answer the question in a way she would understand.  (I have to admit sometimes I can’t help but giggle when this kind of thing happens.  Sometimes it can seriously be harder for those with a bunch of theological training to explain things in such simplistic terms, simply because they are used to in-depth theological discussions.)

I really don’t remember what Brian said through the entire exchange, but I was amazed how the conversation ended.

Sarah just as sweet and confident as can be, says

“You know, I think the Holy Spirit carries our prayers to God.”

Romans 826

Printable available for free download here

Living thru faith,



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