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“My heart is telling me…”

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Sarah and I spent a day together running errands and even though we didn’t do anything particularly special, it was a nice time of just being with each other.

She went with me to get my haircut, then we went to the bank so that she could turn in her last report card.  Our bank gives the kids a dollar for each “A” and this girl racked up this year!  Her report card has numbers instead of letter grades, so a 4 is considered an “A”.  With all the 4’s, she has received $10 a term.  That’s 40 bucks for the school year!!


We picked up Eli and dropped him off at Petsmart for a bath (not his favorite pastime), went to Hobby Lobby and got frames for two pictures she made during Art class at school, and then it was time to decide where to go for our lunch date.

photo 1edited

photo 2-2edited

I gave her three options…McDonald’s (every kid’s favorite), Sam’s (she loves the pizza & it’s CHEAP!), and Fazzoli’s (the girl can eat her weight in fettuccine alfredo).

First she said Sam’s, but on the way she changed her mind.

“Sam’s would still be fine, but my heart is telling me Fazzoli’s.”

I would have thought it would be her stomach doing the talking, but who can argue with the heart!


It’s such a hoot to hang out with this girl!

Living thru faith,



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