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English Tea vs Southern Sweet Tea

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I’ve never really enjoyed hot tea.  I’m a southern girl.  We like it cold and sweet.

With all his trips over, Brian has come to enjoy a cup of hot tea in the evenings and he has been wanting to get me to change my ways so I can enjoy a pot with him.

So, I had my official first English cup of tea at the Chatsworth Farm Shop Cafe.  We sat outside on the patio which overlooked fields filled with sheep and their new wee lambs.  The sun was shining, a cool breeze blowing, and you could hear the lambs calling their mommas.

IMG_0166editedIMG_0169edited  IMG_0162edited

After about 4 cubes of sugar, I could drink my cup of not-so-bitter tea.

IMG_0161editedNow, the chocolate brownie and lemon drizzle cake we ate with our tea was delightful.

IMG_0160editedI did experiment with other cups of tea throughout the trip and what I finally decided was it was the people and the setting that made it enjoyable.


IMG_0204editedI did find a strawberry tea that I enjoyed (thanks, Tabitha!), but…

I’ll stick to my Southern sweet iced tea.

Sorry, Phil!

Living thru faith,



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