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An Afternoon in Manchester

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We spent Tuesday afternoon in Manchester.  Manchester is a mix of old and new, ancient and modern.  It was pretty much a typical city.  Busy and dirty.  An afternoon was plenty for this quiet small town girl. 😉


IMG_0269edited Here is one thing I never would have thought to see in a city center in England…

IMG_0267editedYep, that’s President Abraham Lincoln.  The statue was given as a tribute for “the support that the working people of Manchester gave in their fight for the abolition of slavery during the American Civil War…….By supporting the union under President Lincoln at a time when there was an economic blockade of the southern states the Lancashire cotton workers were denied access to raw cotton which caused considerable unemployment throughout the cotton industry.”  You can see a better picture and read more about the statue here.

While conducting research for his dissertation, Brian spent a lot of time in the special collections area of the John Ryland’s Library.  He was able to actually handle (very carefully and with gloves) original letters written by or to John and Charles Wesley.  The Library was originally opened to the public in January of 1900 and then merged with the University of Manchester in the 1970’s.

IMG_0251edited  IMG_0263edited

About ten years ago, they began an expansion of the library.  Again the modern was mixed with the old.  The brick is part of the original building and the white is part of the new extension.

IMG_0252editedThose arches on the bottom floor are like study carrels.  There were students in each one we passed, so I couldn’t get a picture of those areas.  They were just as ornate as the rest of it.

IMG_0255editedIMG_0256editedAfter the library, Brian took me to the actual University campus on the other side of town.  That was a bus ride and then a 20 minute walk down busy city streets (did I mention I’m a small town girl?).

The University has a free museum which was cool.  In our typical family fashion, we breezed through it record time and we didn’t even have kids with us.  (My lovely children can go through a museum in a fraction of the time a normal family would go through one.  They won’t stop to read anything!).  We only had 45 minutes till closing, so we kinda had to move swiftly.

But we saw everything from whale and elephant bones…

IMG_0272edited IMG_0281edited

to Egyptian artifacts….

IMG_0276edited IMG_0279edited

IMG_0275editedto prehistoric fossils…

IMG_0287editedand actual Easter Island statues…

IMG_0283edited IMG_0284edited

The main campus didn’t disappoint with their mix of old and modern buildings.


IMG_0302editedAnd in typical student form that crosses all campuses anywhere, the students were all congregating in the grass filled center laying around and enjoying the sunshine.

IMG_0303editedIMG_0304editedAfter all this city touring, I was ready to get back on the train and head to our hotel.  We started our journey home the next morning and after a crazy 20 minute round and round trek to the car rental place (should have only taken us 5 minutes – might I suggest better signage?!), we finally made it to the airport, through security, and boarded another Virgin Atlantic flight for home.  As much as I enjoyed my first trip across the pond, I was ready to see my kiddos!

Oh! And the food on the flight back…much better than the flight over.  Heehee!

Living thru faith,



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