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Chesterfield and St. Mary’s Crooked Spire

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While on our trip we stayed at a friend’s house in Chesterfield. The house was right across the street from a grocery store which proved helpful in a couple different ways.  Street parking was almost non-existent during the day. So in addition to easily grabbing a few grocery items off and on, we would park the rental car at the grocery store for a little bit and then move it in the evening.  Thankfully, it didn’t prove to be an issue.

Monday was Brian’s defense at the University of Manchester.  While Brian and Phil were taking care of dissertation business, the girls went out to play!  Phil’s wife Sam and their daughter Tabitha took me to Market Day in Chesterfield.  Of course, we had to start the day off with a pot of tea!

IMG_0244editedIMG_0245editedWalked along the cobbled streets of downtown Chesterfield, Tabitha introduced us to a precious little shop along the way, and then they showed me the church with the crooked spire. It’s actually the Parish Church of St. Mary and All Saints, but architecturally it is known for it’s unique spire.  If you click on the name of the church above, you can see pictures of the inside of the church.

IMG_0246editedIMG_0247editedIMG_0249edited   IMG_0250edited

It is thought the spire was added to the church in 1632.  While there are some unique theories on why the spire is “crooked” (including the devil did it), it really is due to the use of green timber and the lack of skilled craftsmen after the “Black Death”.  Click here and you can read a little bit more about the spire and the church itself.

Sam took Tabitha and I to this wonderful little cafe in Barlow for lunch.  It was so cute and the food was absolutely delightful.  And, of course, I took no pictures.  I can’t even tell you the name!  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  I had a cheese and onion potato pie with a fresh salad and coleslaw.  Yummo!  The pie was kind of like a pot pie in that it had a pastry shell, but there was melted cheese and sauteed onions over thinly sliced potatoes baked inside the shell.  *Sigh*

Good news!  Brian passed with minor revisions, he should have his corrected thesis submitted this week!

Living thru faith,



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