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Bakewell, Cliff, and Baslow’s Edge

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After a long day Friday of touring Chatsworth House, Saturday Brian took me to the village of Bakewell.  A busy, but quaint English village. It was raining in the morning so we went a later than we had planned.  By the time we left the rain had cleared, but it was still cold and windy, typical English weather so I’m told.  Thankfully the sun began to shine later in the afternoon and it turned into a really pleasant day.

We walked around Bakewell, enjoyed jacket potatoes (baked potatoes) topped with coronation chicken (something similar to chicken salad) and a side salad garnish (without dressing) at a little coffee shop called the Bean and Bag, then walked up a very steep hill to the All Saints Church.

IMG_0172edited IMG_0173edited

IMG_0178edited   IMG_0197editedAll Saints Church overlooks the city centre (center) and although not the original building, the foundation dates back to the 900’s! Parts of the current structure was built in the 13th & 14th century and it is still an active church today.


IMG_0180editedIMG_0194editedUndoubtedly there is an ongoing dispute on who actually has the original Bakewell Pudding recipe.  There is the “first and only original”

IMG_0200editedand then there is the “old original”.

IMG_0174editedThe River Wye runs through Bakewell and we walked along the river enjoying the ducks and swans.  We even saw a momma duck and her 12 little ducklings.

IMG_0206edited IMG_0214edited IMG_0201editedWhen we left Bakewell, Brian drove me up to Cliff College to show me where he stays when he comes over.

IMG_0220edited IMG_0219edited IMG_0217editedThen he drove me up to the cliffs above the college, Baslow’s Edge.  This wasn’t a planned excursion, so I ended up walking from way down there (down where the cars are parked on the side of the road-click on the picture and you can see them better).

IMG_0224editedto way up here

IMG_0230editedin these shoes.

IMG_0231editedBeing the world’s biggest klutz, it’s really a miracle I didn’t twist my ankle!


IMG_0237edited IMG_0235edited


IMG_0222editedBrian then took me around Calver (the little town closest to Cliff College) and then Grindleford where he would get off the train, walk up a very steep hill, and then take a bus to the College.

IMG_0239edited IMG_0241edited

Yep, the train stop is just a platform.

Living thru faith,



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