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Matt is home!

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Matt is home! He’s group landed Monday night just before 11.  He has been a walking zombie ever since.  His body has been going through adjustments getting acclimated back to US food, air conditioning, even a real bed.  He is very thankful not to be waking up in sweat soaked sheets ever morning.

Sarah & Daniel decorated Matt a sign to welcome him home

Sarah & Daniel decorated Matt a sign to welcome him home

The team’s plane out of Haiti was delayed about 3 hours which resulted in them having to change all of their connections.  They had to break up into 3 groups for their return flights out of Miami.  Matt just happened to be in the first group to get home Monday night.  One group stayed in Miami overnight and the other group stayed the night in Dallas.  The group from Dallas arrived Tuesday morning; however, the group out of Miami ended up stranded in Dallas when their last flight was canceled.  They would have had to stay in Dallas until Thursday, but a parent traveled there to pick them up (Dallas is only about 3 hours or so from Ruston).  Thankfully, all team members are now home!!

Matt really enjoyed his time serving and getting to know the Haitian people.  He said he would definitely go back, but he sure is happy to be home.  I have about 300 pictures to sort through, but I hope to get those pics and Matt’s story of their trip up first part of next week.


Port-A-Prince, Haiti

Port-A-Prince, Haiti

We are traveling back to Kentucky today and we all can’t wait to get home and see Brian again.  He returned to Kentucky on Father’s Day, so it’s been about 2 weeks since we’ve seen him (of course, Matt hasn’t seen his Dad since Easter!).  We have a full weekend ahead of us and I already know what I will be doing first thing Monday morning…grocery shopping!

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