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Prayers Needed for Haiti Team

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The Haiti Team is in their last week on La Gonave.  They have been working very hard and they are all wanting to finish the dock before they leave.  This means they are working in direct sunlight for 6 hours straight carrying bucket after bucket of cement.  In order to finish the 2 year running dock project, the team decided not to return to work at the school.  They have held their final Vacation Bible School and also invited some of the older teenage boys and some of the 20 somethings to join the team in devotions one night so they could see how devotions could be held if they gathered together after the team departed.

They also discovered that the World Cup reaches out and touches life even in the villages on La Ganove Island.  The team, along side the Haitians, worked a half day in order to watch the game in the afternoon.  The leader said she had never seen buckets passed so quickly in her many trips to Haiti.  The foreman was not “enthusiastic” about returning the next day, but agreed.  However, when the team arrived the next day they quickly realized there would be no work that day due to the World Cup.  It appears the Haitians know how to work hard, but also when to stop and play.  (Something we, as Americans, typically have a hard doing.)

The team is also dealing with the emotional side of leaving.  Realization is dawning with all the “last time” events.  They have also naturally developed strong bounds with many of the Haitian people and they are realizing that they will have no way of communicating with those they have developed deep relationships once they leave.

The leaders have passed on a request for prayer for the team during these final days in Haiti.  Not only is this week labor intensive, but is also filled emotionally with feelings of sadness over the pending departure and separation.  One of the leaders expressed that their spirits have been high and prays that God will continue to strengthen them so they can finish well and “not grow weary in doing good.”

Please join me in prayer for the team members and those they have grown to love in Haiti.

Living thru faith,



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