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A Mowing First for Daniel

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Using the riding mower has become a right of passage at Granddaddy’s house.

Matt’s not here to stake his claim, so Daniel got promoted up from the push mower.


It was a little dusty.  Ok, a lot dusty!  Look at that neck!  Gross!!


Unfortunately, it broke down on him and he had to switch to the old mower.


But he got the job done!

This was the “Really, Mom” look I got since I was still taking pictures.


By the time he was done he was so covered with dirt and grass that he was not allowed in Mimi’s house before a thorough hose down.

(Which Momma had fun taking care of!)

photo 2-1edited


photo 1edited


photo 3edited

Much better!


Living thru faith,




One thought on “A Mowing First for Daniel

  1. Pawpaw laughed out loud.

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