Blessings Through Raindrops

Music can calm me, energize me, make me cry, make me laugh…

Music can bring back memories I thought long forgotten…

Music can touch my heart and my soul…

And through music God whispers words He knows I need to hear.

Over these last several months, He has been whispering many things.

He whispered Patience

while Brian had to be gone for 22 days straight in March

He whispered Wait

while we waited to find out if we would be moving for a new job opportunity

He whispered Contentment

when we found out we would be staying

He whispered Healing

as my uncle has been in and out of the hospital with complications from cancer surgery

He whispered Comfort

as we pray for two precious women in our church battling cancer

He whispered Peace

when my great-great aunt was admitted to the hospital knowing she will most likely leave for her eternal home from there.

He whispered Trust

while we have navigated some financial challenges

And while He whispers these words through prayer and reading His word, He also has been whispering them through songs like “Blessings” by Laura Story.  Reminding me that sometimes going through the struggles and disappointments of life is when we experience the greatest blessings.

Through these last few months, I have prayed more often and with more intensity and

I have felt closer to God, closer to my husband, and freer than other times in the past.

So listen for the whispers in the rays of sunshine and in the raindrops.

You just may be surprised where you find some of His greatest blessings.

Living thru faith,