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The Grand Sweep: April 14 – 20

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It’s official…my computer is toast.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it took literally 20 minutes for it to open firefox, then another 15 minutes for it to start loading gmail.

Thankfully, I am married to a computer doctor.

Unfortunately, his diagnosis was not what I wanted to hear.

My hard drive is dead and cannot be revived.

Thankfully, he had backed it up and I don’t think I lost too much over the last month.

I’m sure I lost a few pictures, but I just won’t think about it.

He is ordering me a new hard drive, so in the meantime I get to share his computer.

Here’s this week’s readings…


April 14  2 Samuel 10-12, Psalm 63

April 15   2 Samuel 13-15

April 16   2 Samuel 16-18

April 17   2 Samuel 19-21

April 18   2 Samuel 22-24, Psalm 64

April 19  1 Kings 1-3

April 20  1 Kings 4-6

You can find the previous readings here.  Happy reading!

Living thru faith,



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