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The Winter That Would Never End

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I don’t know about you, but I am soooo ready for spring!

It snowed Wednesday and there is a chance again on Monday.  Arghh!

I know come August I’ll be tired of being hot, but right now I’m so tired of being cold!


At some point during this never ending winter, Daniel and Sarah’s tennis shoes were left outside on the back patio.

And then we got ice…


I had never seen frozen tennis shoes before.


And they were frozen…solid.

I left them in the sink overnight and prayed they would dry out without mildew setting in.


It took several days, but thankfully they dried out and were ready to wear again.  Considering these were their only pairs of tennis shoes and I really couldn’t afford to buy new ones, I was a really, really happy mom. (Not to mention we had just bought Daniel’s pair not a month before they were frozen!)


Sarah loves the snow.


 Daniel, not so much.  (That really is him standing behind her.)



Matt was so ready to go back to sunny and warm Louisiana!


Currently my dreams include images like this…



Unfortunately, there will be no beach over Spring Break this year.

I’ll just have to set out my beach chair on a sunny, warm, sandy beach in my dreams…

Living thru faith,



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