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The Holidays in Pictures

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I just realized that this was still sitting in my drafts!  So, I hope you won’t mind going back in time a little bit. 🙂

We were blessed to be able to spend two weeks with family over the holidays.

We did a lot of visiting, a lot of laughing, a lot of playing, and a whole lot of eating!


Sarah wanted Santa to bring her a real, live puppy, but she had to settle for a stuffed one instead.


Matt received the watch he picked out.


And Daniel was so happy to finally receive the temper-pedic type pillow he has been asking for a couple of Christmases now. The boy loves to sleep!


There was lots of lego building and


basketball playing.


Sarah managed to fit in some puppy lovin’


and my nephew Luke enjoyed some tree climbin’.


Matt’s girlfriend, Shelby, flew down to spend New Year’s week with all of us.  (Well, really just Matt; the rest of us were bonus!)  She spent the week experiencing all sorts of firsts.  She flew alone for the first time, visited Louisiana for the first time, and ate her first bites of duck, deer, and bbq ribs (thanks to Matt’s Uncle Andrew).  We couldn’t win her over on the fried catfish, though.

We spent a couple days at my parents’ place to celebrate Christmas and my mom’s birthday.  We had a lot of fun playing Taboo, watching football and having a girls’ outing at Charming Charlie’s (what a awesome place of girlie fun!).

…and, of course, I took the camera and never took it out of the bag!

We made it home just in time for the polar vortex.  Thankfully, our heat held out during the coldest days.  The transformer on the unit did go out toward the end of the week and we discovered that our house is really well insulated.  We were without heat (except for some space heaters) for 24 hours and the house never dropped below about 58.  We were so grateful to be able to stay fairly warm when it was so cold outside.

2014 is proving to be a cold one!

Living thru faith,



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