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The Grand Sweep

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Our church is reading through the Bible together in 2014 using Ellsworth Kalas’ book The Grand Sweep (365 Days from Genesis to Revelation).  This past Sunday Dr. Kalas spoke to us about “the book of the plot”.


As we read through this book God has given us, we can see that the plot is constantly unfolding and each of us are a part of the plot.

Here is the reading list through Sunday, January 12.  Each Monday I’ll share the new week’s reading schedule.

January 1     Genesis 1, Psalms 1 & 2

January 2    Genesis 2, Psalms 3 & 4

January 3    Genesis 3 & 4, Psalms 5 & 6

January 4    Genesis 5 & 6, Psalm 7

January 5    Genesis 7 & 8, Psalm 8

January 6    Genesis 9-11, Psalm 9

January 7    Genesis 12 & 13, Psalm 10

January 8    Genesis 14 & 15, Psalm 11

January 9    Genesis 16 & 17, Psalm 12

January 10    Genesis 18 & 19, Psalms 13 & 14

January 11    Genesis 20 & 21, Psalm 15

January 12    Genesis 22 & 23, Psalm 16

Dr. Kalas has a devotion book that goes along with the Grand Sweep.  Our family is planning to use the devotion book together each evening after supper.  (We haven’t started yet because Brian thought he already had a copy, but no such luck.  So, we are ordering a used one from Amazon.)

I wish I had had a chance to post this sooner in the week, but life just didn’t cooperate with my plans.  However, I would encourage you to jump in anyway.  Start at the beginning and try to catch up, or just jump right in on the day.

What really matters is spending those moments in God’s word, learning the story, and learning your part in the story as the plot unfolds in your own life’s journey.

Enjoy this new song by Francesca Battistelli, Write Your Story.

(I prefer to only share official videos, but there wasn’t one this time.)

Living thru faith,



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