Dr. Suess Week

Last week was Dr. Suess Week to celebrate Dr. Suess’ birthday.

The kids were able to wear something special each day.

Monday was Hat Day.


We borrowed an adorable Cat in the Hat hat from a friend!

Tuesday was Green Day.

Didn’t do much for this one.  Got lots of pinks & purples around the house, not really greens…

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday. 

They could wear their clothes inside out or mis-matched or backwards.  Sarah was so excited. 

Unfortunately, they had a snow day….

Thursday was Pajama Day.


Friday was Character Day!

I didn’t have a clue what we were going to do, but we ended up borrowing some pj’s that had the Cat in the Hat on them with the hat we borrowed that she wore on Monday.


I just love living in a small community, where you can send out an SOS and people you don’t even know come to your rescue letting you borrow their son’s prized pj’s or hunt down a hat for you and deliver it when their own babies are sick.  So, thank you Tammy and Christina for making Dr. Suess week a special week for Sarah!

Living thru faith,