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What’s Going On with the Fam

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Life has been a little bit crazy over the last few weeks, so I thought I best catch you up a bit.  I’m just not exactly sure where to start!

Let’s see….

Matt finally admitted he has made up his mind about college, well, at least as close of a commitment as we can get out him anyway.  In his words, he will be going to Louisiana Tech “unless something happens with baseball.”  Since Brian and I both graduated from Tech, he is considered a Legacy student and qualifies for in-state tuition, plus he did receive an academic scholarship.  It doesn’t cover everything, but it definitely helps.  He would still like to play baseball in college, but it is not going to be the deciding factor in where he goes.  We feel like he is really handling all this with a lot of maturity and are very proud of him.

On the homeschool front, Daniel is starting with Creative Conversations.  It’s not ideal in the timing, but he has friends in the program and we think he’s ready to move on to something more intense.  He will go to class/tutoring on Mondays and then works on his studies the rest of the week.  He went to his first session yesterday and seemed to enjoy it.  There are only about 4 or 5 other kids in his class and they seem to have a fun time learning.  Hopefully, things will run smoothly as we finish out this first year of homeschooling!

Brian leaves for England on Friday for his annual PhD trip.  He will be gone until the 13th and will, hopefully, make a good amount of progress in his writing. If all goes as planned, his trip over next spring will be to successfully defend his dissertation! 🙂

And the last bit of news is that I am headed back to work!  It’s only temporary and only part-time.  I’m actually going back to work doing what I was doing for 4 1/2 years before leaving last January.  The work load increased with new projects and responsibilities after I left and it sounds like they have been barely keeping their heads above water.  Thankfully, they received approval to hire someone temporarily to finish out the current budget year.  After spending quite a bit of time in prayer, it really felt like this was the direction God was leading to help us with upcoming expenses this spring.  It’s going to take some adjustments, but I’m really excited about getting to work with so many of my friends again.

I guess that gets you caught up with the major things going on right now.  My mind has been swirling with all the things that I’m realizing are coming up that I need to work through.  New homeschool plan, Brian’s trip, baseball trip to Florida, graduation, senior pics, the boys’ birthdays….AHHHH!  I need to channel my inner Dori – “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”


Living thru faith,



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  1. legacy – parents and grandparents also graduated from Tech. Go for more discounts.

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