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On The Menu

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Ok, so I’m a little behind this week.  What’s new?!

I had hoped to have this posted yesterday, but both Daniel and Sarah have been sick (with two different things, lucky us!) and I decided that I could not live with the state of our bedroom any longer (feel blessed I didn’t post pictures of that!) and when I actually found some moments of quiet in the house with all three kids home I decided to read a book (or two…).

So, finally, here’s what’s on the menu this week…

Monday – homemade waffles, homemade hashbrowns (my first try EVER! Sad, I know!), eggs

Tuesday – chicken tenders, corn, lima beans, homemade coleslaw

Wednesday – chicken with pasta, green beans, bread

Thursday – Taco Stew

Friday – Pizza Bagels, Salad

Saturday – Parmesan Chicken Bake, roasted potatoes, carrots

Sunday –  Leftovers

What’s on your menu this week?

Living thru faith,




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