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A New Kind of Snow Dance

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I’ve heard of a rain dance and even a snow dance, but this is the first I’ve heard of this kind of snow ritual!

The weatherman has been talking about snow all week with the best possibility beginning last night.

Kids around here have been waiting anxiously to find out if they would get the ever coveted SNOW DAY.

So, Sarah comes home Thursday after school pronouncing exactly what she needs to do according to her teacher.

Wear my pajamas inside out.

Sleep with a spoon under my pillow.

And flush ice down the toilet.

So that’s what she did!

snow ritual

And the first thing she said when she woke up this morning…

“It worked!”

(We really didn’t get much of anything, but the roads were slick especially considering the rural roads the buses would have to go down. No making snowmen today.  Maybe next time.)

Living thru faith,



One thought on “A New Kind of Snow Dance

  1. I absolutely love this!!!

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