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She Did It Again…Again

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There are two things that Sarah loves to do that drives us absolutely nuts.

The girl loves to draw…on anything.

Sidewalk chalk drawing SU12

We have found lovely murals on all sorts of surfaces.  Thankfully, we have been able to remove those creations that were drawn on walls, furniture, and carpet.  We have tried all sorts of things to break her of this desire and just when we think she has grown out of the phase, she graces us with another lovely creation in an unexpected place.

The other thing she doesn’t seem to get out of her system is cutting her hair.

The first time was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day two years ago.  And, as with most everything she does, she definitely put all her efforts into that one.  She cut some off of each side and more off of one side than the other.  It definitely took professional help to fix that one.  She has managed to cut her bangs twice more since that day, once at the daycare and once right before we left on a trip. (You can read more about that and see pictures back at the previous blog address.)

So, I guess it’s appropriate that on this 2 year anniversary of the first self haircut she does again!

I found this pile underneath the coffee table.

haircut 2013

Thankfully, she has gotten better at choosing areas that is more inconspicuous and less noticeable than the first time!

selfcut bangs

We don’t know what we are going to do with her!  She’s still so stinkin’ cute!


Living thru faith,



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