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One Flew Into the Cuckoo’s Nest

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I have to say that yesterday was a first!

I opened the door to reenter the house after getting Sarah on the bus, looked down and said “Eewww!  What is that?!”  There were brown splattered spots on the floor that I didn’t remember seeing there before.  My first thought is that something got tracked inside, but it looked like it was coming from the living room.  In the seconds that I stood there trying to figure out what it was, I hear Brian jump out of his chair hollering “You let a bird in the house!”  (Really? Like I stood at the door and invited the thing in…”here birdie, birdie”…)


The next 10 minutes was a rather comical scene.  Here we are chasing the bird from the living room to the kitchen to the living room to the kitchen, with an occasional trip down the hallway.  Thankfully, Brian thought to shut all the doors in the hall.  The little stinker kept flying through the pass-through from the kitchen to the main room.  He would light on the top of the kitchen cabinets, then fly into the living room and hide under the couch, then fly back into the kitchen, down the hallway, and back into the living room.  If he wasn’t flying, he was running.  You could hear his little twig legs scooting across the carpet from one hiding place to another.  All the while, we’re swinging brooms at him driving to drive him to the front door, of which he seemed to be oblivious.  Finally, he flew from the kitchen straight into the wreath hanging on the front door, I swooped in to close it, and off he flew to freedom!  The poor little guy probably needed a little birdie Valium after his harrowing adventure inside our home!

The boys, of course, were sorry they missed the circus performance of their parents, but were still glad to have not been wakened out of their slumber to witness it.  When I told Sarah about the whole experience, her little shoulders slumped and she said “But I want to see the bird.  You could have put it in a birdcage!”  (She asked Santa for a pet bird for Christmas and Santa was not given permission to fulfill that wish.  I guess she thought she had gotten her bird after all.)

And, I think we all know what that brown splattered stuff was on my floor…

Living thru faith,


(And, yes, we still have the Christmas decorations up outside.  The weather is not cooperating with our schedule, but at least they are not plugged in.)


One thought on “One Flew Into the Cuckoo’s Nest

  1. The spirit of Jackie, the parakeet, decided to visit the little girl who lost her first bird in Aurora, CO, some many years ago. Number of years will be left out.

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