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Oh, the prayers of a child

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Sarah loves to say the prayer before we eat.  Typically she gives her standard prayer.

Thank you God for this wonderful food and thank you God for everything.  Amen

Sometimes she adds more like “help Daddy’s neck feel better” or “let the boys not fight so much”.

And then there are those days when she feels she needs to make a statement.

Thank you God for this wonderful food and let Mommy not be so mean when she has to ground me.  Amen

Followed with the eye looking in my direction to see if I was listening and if I’m going to respond.

This day she had just gotten in trouble and did not appreciate the talkin’ to she had received. I’m not sure where she got the grounding part since that had not been mentioned and she has never been grounded. Of course, her brother has seen his share of grounding and I guess she has taken notice.

But I guess all hard feelings had been dissolved by supper the next night when she thanked God for letting my knee feel better.

Living thru faith,



One thought on “Oh, the prayers of a child

  1. I Love that child! Grandmaw

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