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Summer Fun with the Cousins

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I’m still working through pictures from this summer and found these from when I took the kids to Louisiana and Mississippi to see family and leave the boys with their grandparents for a few weeks.

This was the first summer I was able to go and take Sarah, too, since I had been working since we moved.   I was a little anxious about taking 3 crazy kids over 800 miles away by myself, but we all managed to survive with most of our sanity in tack.

Even though they only get to see their cousins a couple times a year, they always have such a wonderful time.

They just seem to pick up where they left off.

They spent a lot of time swimming in Mississippi and then quite a bit of time mowing in Louisiana. They were beaten up, jumped on, and sat on by Cole and Luke, they played Phase 10 and compared cannon balls in the pool with Samantha, they mowed and then mowed some more, and they ate lots of fish and ribs.  Overall, they had a blast and didn’t want to come home…as usual.

Living thru faith,







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