Whatever You Do…

Today is Labor Day!  A day off work.  A day to sleep in (unless you have a dog that wakes up at 6am.Every.Stinking.Day). A day to spend with family.  A day to grill and chill.

Did you know that the first Labor Day was in 1882! The intent of Labor Day was to celebrate laborers, specifically union workers. We have been celebrating workers for over 130 years!

Labor Day officially became a holiday in 1894.  It was celebrated with a parade and a festival full of activities for families.  At one point in time, even speeches by politicians became popular (um…No, thank you!).  Labor Day was a day to spend with family and enjoy time with your neighbors.

Our country is full of all kinds of workers – blue collar, white collar, and whatever other collar category you can think of.  Each one is important to how we live our lives.  I admit there are some really nasty jobs out there that I would not be willing to do given a choice.  I am so thankful for those who are willing to do them so that I don’t have to!  Even now I’m squirming just thinking of some of those yucky, nasty, gross things someone else does every day.  God bless you, sweet person!!

There are so many thankless jobs people do every single day.  Some are nasty, some are mundane, some are dangerous, and some are just down right boring.  We all have them.  We all do them.  And, at some point, we all complain because no one seems to notice.  As a mother, there have been days I have felt my entire day, every day, was filled with thankless jobs (especially when my kiddos were little).

But, here’s the thing.  All those nasty, mundane, dangerous, boring, thankless jobs are important!  Every.Single.One.

Because you changed that diaper or read that book for the 100th time, your baby felt comforted and loved.  Because you stood out in the heat or rain waving your arms and blowing your whistle, hundreds of children arrived to school without injury.  Because you rode on the back of a smelly truck, I don’t have a stinky trash heap collecting outside my house.  Because you decided to show up and spend your day in a classroom with 25 wild children, a little,or not so little, person felt important and wanted and loved.

In Colossians, Paul instructs us to do all we do in the name of the Jesus and to give thanks.  That is really hard to do when we feel we are not receiving credit for what we do, like no one cares who we are or what we are doing for them.  It is especially in those times we need to remember Paul’s words.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

So, whatever it is that you do…Thank you!

May this Labor Day be a time of rest, reflection, and joy.

And whatever it is that you do, remember….do it for the Lord, in His name, giving thanks to Him.  See if that changes your perspective.  I’m guessing it will.

Living thru faith,


The Manna Stopped

How many times do we question God’s provision?  How many times does our heart doubt what our head knows?  We know God will provide, but what happens when He doesn’t provide in the way we expect or when we expect.  Our head knows it will be in His perfect timing, but our heart begins to doubt because we cannot see it.

God provided manna, literal bread from heaven, each day the Israelites were on their 40 year journey through the wilderness.  Each day they received just what they needed. No more. No less.  Just the right amount.  Just what they needed. When they needed it.  Everyday.

And then one day.  The manna stopped.

Joshua 5_12

God’s provision never stopped.  It was just different.  The Israelites no longer needed the manna, because now they could eat of the produce of the land.

Manna was a gift for a season, God’s provision while they journeyed in the desert.

God now presented them with a new gift.  Land.  Promised land rich with what they would need to provide their own food. He was now providing what they needed for the next part of their journey.

One day your manna will stop.  And when it does, look around with eyes wide open.  Look for the new miracle, the new provision, the new gift.  God is still there.  He is still providing.

He is providing a new gift, a new provision.

The gift of what you need for the next part of your journey.

Living thru faith,

The President is Stuck in the Bathtub!

Yes!  You read that right.  There really was a president that got stuck in the bathtub! (But, I’m not going to tell you who.)  Did you also know that George Washington never slept in the White House, John Quincy Adams liked to go skinny dipping in the Potomac, and Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit?  Who remembers the shouts of glee from children all over the nation when President Bush (the first one) banned broccoli from the White House and Air Force One?

We like to read books during our Morning Basket time that are just for fun, but still seem to teach us a little bit along the way.  This book, The President is Stuck in the Bathtub by Susan Katz, just jumped off the shelf at me on one of our visits to our public library.  There is a poem for each president that was just a fun little tidbit that may or may not be common knowledge.

Sarah enjoyed reading this book and, while she won’t remember all of the stories, a few did stick with her and it introduced her to the names of all our US Presidents from George Washington to Barak Obama.  So, if you are looking for a light hearted fun read to share with your kiddos and pass on a little bit of presidential trivia, check this one out.

Presidents stuck in bathtub book

Living thru faith,


A Cooking Lesson

Last week Sarah decided she wanted to cook eggs for her lunch and do it all by herself.  She wanted to do everything from washing the farm fresh eggs to frying them up in the pan.  I haven’t done a great job in the cooking lesson department, so this was huge for her.


They turned out great!  She was so excited and pleased with herself.



Yesterday, while she was home with her daddy, she just had to make some for their lunch, too.

A budding chef in the making!

Living thru faith,




First Days of Sixth Grade

My baby is a middle schooler!  How in the world did that happen?!


This year we started earlier than in previous years and will be doing more of a year-round school schedule.  When I first mentioned those words to Sarah she about freaked out!  You would have thought her world was coming to an end! It took a little convincing to get her to understand that we would not be doing any more school than normal.  It just means we will be taking more frequent breaks throughout the year and a longer break in the middle of the year.  Whew!  I think that was the biggest challenge of this school year already!

Keeping with tradition, we started out the first day with a pancake breakfast (although we were out of chocolate chips, so I may not have been the most popular person for a few moments…).   Yes, her pj’s say “Wake me 04 pancakes!” 🙂


However, this year we did take a step out on the wild side and scrambled quail eggs!  Yep, quail eggs!


They are soooo tiny!! It takes about 2 of the quail eggs to one chicken egg.  But, ya know, Sarah and I do believe we like them better than chicken eggs.  We even managed to fit in a natural history science lesson during breakfast as we looked up and learned all the healthy benefits of eating quail eggs.  There is a lot of nutrition packed in those tiny little speckled eggs!

Throughout these first days, we have slowly been getting into our subjects and even today I was still trying to tweak our schedule to get things to flow well.  It hasn’t helped that we had to work two eye appointments, more shot visits to the vet, and the a/c going out in the car into our schedule.  Hopefully, the days will start to slow into a rhythm soon and we will be able to see how the days will flow.

One of the benefits of homeschooling is being flexible on where to actually do our work, such as on the couch in our pajamas,


hiking in the woods learning about geology with new friends,


or in the car on the way to IKEA.


Yep, had to throw an IKEA trip in the midst of everything!  Brian took some vacation days to work on some home projects, and it was just the best time to go.  (I really do not like IKEA on a Saturday.  I mean, really, where do all those people come from?!)

But you know what is my favorite part of homeschooling?  The ability to switch gears and let them explore something that just pops in their head at the moment.  I’m not talking unschooling.  I personally need structure.  She needs structure.  Really, let’s be real.  Without structure, we would both be sitting on the couch in our pajamas reading a book or watching tv.

On our very first day while working through our Language Arts, she asks if she can stop and write a poem.  Of course!  About ten minutes later, she is reading me a beautiful, artistically written poem about a forest.  As she read it, I thought, THIS is why I homeschool.

So, overall, we have had a good start to our new school year, even if I want to stay in denial that my baby girl is growing up.  We also enjoyed having Daddy with us for the first few days.   It was so nice having him home and sharing in that time together.

I pray that whether your kiddos are homeschooled or school away from home, that this new year will be a year filled with new discoveries, new friendships, and new blessings!

Living thru faith,