Louisiana Memories

Well, the first part of our June travels is coming to a close.  We have been blessed to spend time with family and friends while in Louisiana, even with a little bit of work thrown in the mix.

Sarah has gotten to spend a little time with her cousins


and her cousin’s rabbit (a blue bunny named, you guessed it… Blue).


Sarah and I have tried our hand at origami.   We managed two simple project, but let’s just say, we won’t be taking up that as a full time hobby.

I was blessed to spend some time with friends laughing, catching up and reminiscing.  We managed to not get into too much trouble together this time; however, one of the four musketeers was missing so I can’t promise about next year!


And we were able to enjoy lunch with my grandmother.  Raising Cane’s is becoming a delicious tradition along with vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup (out of a can, not a bottle) and a sprinkle of nuts.  Ice cream sundaes have always been on the menu at Nan’s since I was a little girl! 🙂

Sarah loves her Nan and always loves going to see her and tell her all about what she has been up to since our last visit.


The news from home appears to be good.  The kids are holding down the fort and the dog seems to be getting fed. (Although a text asking how much to feed the dog 6 hours after he is usually fed, is a bit concerning.)

Sunday we travel to North Carolina.  We plan to take Sarah to The Biltmore on Monday.  I can’t wait to watch her face as we explore all there is to see there.

Until the next stop….

Living thru faith,



Refresh Button

Ok, show of hands.  How many of us need a Refresh Button?

Yep, got both of mine raised up high!

One of my desires for all of our traveling is to come back feeling refreshed of mind, body, and soul.  I know I will be tired by the end of it all, but there is a difference between being tired and being plain weary.  Right now I am just plain tired of being weary!

Life has been moving non-stop and, while filled with many good things, priorities have gotten out of whack and over time that has led to a weariness in my spirit.

I need a Refresh Button.

Our pastor preached from Acts 3:11-26 this past Sunday, but my soul hung onto just a part of verse 19.

“…that times of refreshing may come from the Lord…”

True refreshing of the spirit can only come from one place and the way to receive that refreshing comes in only one way.

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord…”

I have allowed the craziness of life to come before my time with the Lord.  I have allowed my priorities to get out of whack.

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love.

Here’s my heart, Lord, take it and seal it.  Seal it for thy throne above.

(from the hymn Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing)

I am now in need of that refreshing of my soul and can only receive that by turning back to the One from whom that refreshing comes.

The Lord is my refresh button.

Living thru faith,


The Trip That Did Not Want to Start

Yesterday began almost a month of traveling, south, east, and west.

Might be good  better adjusted further

But it was almost like pulling teeth to get it started.  Literally.  Almost.

Sunday afternoon we were enjoying lunch with friends who will soon be moving to Texas and with our son & daughter-in-law celebrating their 1st anniversary.  Great time with great people and enjoying great food.  And then…

About half-way through the meal I felt something really bad happening in my mouth and discovered half of one of my molars was now in my hand rather than in my mouth wher it belonged.

“Well…we won’t be leaving tomorrow morning,” I announced and all heads swiveled my way.

We still had hopes of leaving after I went to the dentist, so we continued to press forward as planned.  Of course, we couldn’t pack till the laundry got finished and well, come 11:00pm, I was pretty much done and not staying up to pack a suitcase.

Monday morning arose a glorious day outside with cool temps, sun shining, and birds singing (probably the ones still in our attic).  However, inside…

Sarah wakes me up crying in pain from a bad crick in her neck, I wake up with a massive headache, I am still missing half a tooth (I’m firing the tooth fairy), and Brian is having his own issues.

But come about 8:20am things start looking up!

I can get straight into the dentist, Sarah is no longer crying in pain (just walking around slightly cock-eyed), my headache has eased by a slight fraction, and Brian seems to have resolved his issues.

Good news is announced!  My tooth does not have to be pulled!  I will need a crown, which can wait until we are back from all our traveling since the tooth is not bothering me and the old silver filling (which caused the crack in my tooth to begin with) is firmly in place.

So we head home to finish packing and loading up the car….

My headache is coming back in full force (3 ibuprofen and various essential oils are not even slightly touching this baby), Sarah is whining about stopping her show on her iPad – which she is bringing with her anyway! {insert eye roll from mom}, the dog has decided the front the door is the best place to lay down as we are trying to walk through it multiple times, and Brian tweaks his ankle while getting in the car (who knows!).

At this point, I am just laughing (which is not helping the head).  But what else do you do?!

We finally get on the road, I fall asleep, Sarah is coloring and watching her show, Brian is surfing radio channels and all is well with the world, our little world anyway.

I can say that the massive headache finally went away about mid afternoon, Sarah settled in for the 13 hour drive in true we-forget-she-is-in-the-car form, Brian ankle is back to normal, and we made it to our destination!

It took a little coaxing, but this crazy trip finally is on it’s way!

Praying for fun, safety, new experiences, and a refreshing of our souls while we are away.  (And that the kiddos left behind will remember to feed the dog…)

Living thru faith,




It’s Time for a Sign

We have lived in the house just over a year and our doorbell has rung more since spring weather arrived than it ever did last spring…and it is all people trying to sell me something.

No, I do not need a newspaper.  Do you see my son’s collection of the Wall Street Journal piling up in the yard?

No, my lawn will be mowed by the boys I birthed just for that purpose.  It may look like a jungle right now, but winter can’t make up it’s mind and spring is not scheduling it’s days around our schedule of available time.

Really, my home is as smart as it needs to be.  Any smarter and I will no longer be a relevant member of this household.

No, whatever information is in that folder you are carrying is not anything I would be interested in. At. All.

We do not need a new roof, new windows, or our grass sprayed (I’m beginning to like the weeds, thank you.)

And, please, go home and eat supper with your family instead of interrupting ours.

It appears for the first time ever we need a sign.

Enter Pinterest….

So, here are some options.  Hubby says we have to be nice.  Since I just sent the last salesperson packing, I’m not exactly in the mood for nice, so probably should not make a decision in this moment.

I’m thinking there is a lot of truth in this one…

No soliciting sign diy, go sell crazy somewhere else we're all stocked up here "As Good As It Gets" movie

Really, no one likes awkward…

Why I'm NOT building an email list. If you like our blog, you'll get updates. Not 10 emails a week, a newsletter, or sales pitches for things you don't need

Might be a little harsher than we are going for. Although, one more ding dong today and I might change my mind…

Funny Rustic No Soliciting Wood Primitive Porch Sign

One of my favorites…

No soliciting Sign No Solicitation Sign no by WoodWorxDesigns

And this would be my hubby’s option…

No Soliciting Sign No Soliciting Door Sign Do Not Disturb

Boring, but cute and probably more appropriate.  I hate it when he’s right…

Living thru faith,



Sarah wrote this poem just this morning as part of her school work.  She just amazes me with her creativity!


Branches sway,

Crack!  They blow away.

Far away from this storm,

Where, snow, rain, and hail is born.


Splash! Rain is pouring!

Rumble! Thunder’s roaring!

Winds woosh through this storm,

Where snow, rain, and hail is born.


See that lightening over yonder?

A jagged stripe that seems to wander,

Over to that tree bursting in smoke,

Put out by the rain’s fair poke!

Branches sway in this storm,

Where snow, rain, and hail is born.